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Tiny Tiger Studios was founded with the desire to create innovative, original games based purely on game-play. Our mission is to take ideas and themes that shaped the gaming world and evolve them to produce enjoyable and challenging games that are suitable for audiences of all ages and skill levels. Tiny Tiger Studios would love to hear from you about your game ideas and help you to turn them into a reality!

Our Services

Tiny Tiger Studios has experience in a variety of creative projects, from website design to complicated Windows applications.

We are experienced in HTML and can provide graphics and logo design as well. If you're thinking about initiating a website for your company, we can provide a complete service, including domain name registration and finding a suitable host.

We are skilled in a large number of programming languages and have worked on a wide range of applications from databases to complicated data acquisition software and hardware. We are available to work in this field on an individual contract basis.

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